Nordain Azure

::Younger Years Before Legion::

Fire's erupted all over the city, villagers scrambled to get their children inside. Steel clad humans marching to the beat of War Drums moved down the single street of the small elven village. A man decorated in golden accented full plate motioned with his hand in different areas of the village issuing commands that the soldiers quickly carried out. The man in charge turned his attention to a single untouched building near the end of the village and licked his lips with anticipation a feral grin appearing on his face. He strode his person over to the front door, reaching behind him grasping the grip of his Great Axe he brought it around in front of him and hefted it over his head, with minimal exertion he brought the axe down upon the wooden door splintering it in half. He kicked the pieces of door inward and placed himself in the threshold of the doorway and gazed upon his bountiful prize.

Huddled in the corner was a small group of 4 elves, two adults and two children. "Ahhh, what have we here now…"He stated with a blood thirsty grin. "Elven fruit ripe for the pickin's I see." He moved towards the huddled group. "Stand up you lecherous dawgs! so's I can get a better looks at yah!" The two adult Elven women stood up their faces held high in defiance of the order the human demanded of them. He grinned and reached out snatching one of them by the face and gently looked over her features, "Ahhh such a pitty that beauty is wasted on such vermin. Well let it be said that I never wasted such beauty." He licked the side of her face gently like a ravenous dog and pressed his weight up against her attempting to tear her clothes off. The youngest child yelled, "Momma! Leave her alone!" The man spun around and back handed the child with his metal gauntlet.

The sound of metal on skull would forever remain in Nordain's mind as he watched his baby sister's body vault through the air and land onto the ground in a crumpled heap. A horrific wail of outrage and sadness erupted from the throat of the woman he was assaulting, it was his mother. She pushed the man backward with all her strength and held up a hand uttering words of power and magic. A arrow of magic formed and shot from her hand impacting the man through the chest causing his body to be taken from his feet and through the near by wall and out onto the street outside. Rubble of broken wood mud and shrubbery littered the ground beside the dazed body.

Nordain's mother turned and looked to Nordain and his older sister, "Run and never look back! Silva protect your brother now go!" Nordain cried as his sister grabbed him by the back of his tunic in a attempt to whisk him away. He pushed his sister off of him "Mom!" he cried out as his mother walked over to her fallen daughter and picked her up placing a gentle kiss on her brow and laying her down in her bed covering her with the sheets as if she was laid down for the evening for a night's rest. She turned and looked at her son, "go now.." she commanded, the stirring outside of the human rose her attention away from her son and brought her to the steps outside of her home. Nordain moved to follow but was grabbed by his sister forcefully. He was spun around and pushed out of the back door that faced the forest, "Run Nordain and never look back!" The door was slammed closed.

Nordain threw himself against the door slamming his fists into the wood splinters cutting through his flesh, "Ornia LET ME IN ORNIA!" His wails fell upon deaf ears as the elder sister turned and followed the path of her mother out into the street to confront onslaught that was happening in her village.

The young man turned on his heels and ran around the side of the building and appeared at the mouth of the alley which looked into the blood filled street. A body crumpled to the ground just outside of the alley a man in fullplate laying lifeless. Nordain shy'd away slightly but bolstered his resolve and peered out onto the street where his mother and sister faced off against the man in charge. The women worked well together his sister and her dexterity and his mother and her arcane ability. They were more then a match for the man save he had numbers and they did not, the last members of his family were easily overrun and restrained.

Nordain watched as the man in charge steaming for being bested by these tree dwellers in front of his men, pulled a dagger from his pouch and slit each of their throats. The men restraining them let the limp bodies drop to the ground blood pooling out around them. As the men went about to carry out their other duties leaving their leader unattended, Nordain looked at his feet to see a flash of steel glimmering in the firelight. He reached down and picked up the small dagger and concealed it behind him. He walked out onto the street catching the eye of the man in charge. "Oooo more vermin scamperin from their burning burrows. Today is my lucky day…"He said with a laugh and wiped his axe clean of blood and approached Nordain. Upon getting closer to the elven boy he saw his unoccupied hand was clenched into a fist. "Oh….you want to hit me….Go ahead squirt hit me…"He said and splayed his hands out defenseless. "Ere…I'll even kneel fer ya to be on the same height." He did so, kneeling down in his armor so he could be at face level.

That move costed the man his life that dreadful night, but I shall not mourn him. Nor shall any of the many he has killed in this life as he slips into the eternal abyss of hell for his debauchery. No his name will never be spoken for it only gives him power beyond his grave.

As the man knelt down Nordain pulled the dagger from its hiding place and whipped it around "DIE!"He slammed the tip of the blade into the side of the mans neck putting forth pressure to sink the blade to the top of the hilt. Nordain will never forget the look on the mans face of utter horror and surprise. Nordain yanked the blade from the side of the man's neck blood splattering onto the ground in castaway. The man fell to the side gasping for air, Nordain cast aside the dagger and grabbed hold of the Symbol around his neck and yanked on it breaking away from the mans neck. He starred at the Symbol of Weejas and looked at the man, "Your goddess has abandoned you for me this evening, you will not go to her embrace this will know nothingness." He stated and turned around disappearing back around the house. He pulled the symbol around his neck and moved through the forest with speed of his people leaving the village behind. Leaving the pain and emotions behind that he felt, he was now without a family without anything in life. No place to go no place to go back to, he was a wanderer.

::Adult Year's Before Legion::

I have begun showing signs of something far more powerful then I have ever imagined, Weejas smiles favorably on me.

Nordain walked the streets that brimmed with life, he happened upon this city sum forty years ago and has since taken refuge in the lower end of the cities residential areas. He was bothered less in that area and that suited him just fine, he never truly wondered why they avoided him as they did. He looked like an average elf of his age. He bore no signs of afflictions or illness, nor acted out against any person in the city that did not warrant it from the beginning. He had led a very hermit lifestyle. As people around him looked at him most that stood out was his eyes, the deep piercing violet eyes flaked with blood red accents that were becoming more distinct and noticeable as the years went on.

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