Along the road.. Days passed.. then weeks Faelar wandered aimlessly. Living the life of a common thief until he hit an open stretch of plains, rolling hills, and a narrow, barely traveled road. He hunted, small game and lived off the land but for all intents and purposes he was a vagabond. Once the middle child of a proud family of warriors now reduced to a peasant without title or claim.

He was awoken from his sleep by a clicking noise. When his eyes snapped open there were men all around him. Warriors crude but well armed and armored. The Law had finally caught him, to make him pay for his crimes. He was shackled and put in tow with others. His weapons and armor taken from him as well. He recalled being told that he was to work, and that he was lucky that they didn't just kill him. But he knew he'd take an eye or 8 before he went down.

During the lulls of stops when some of the men would hunker down and train. Zek saw his chance to prove his worth. He challenged one of the members lower on the totem pole to a duel. The Man had a sloppy stance, and a weak defense.. his greatest flaw was his human heritage. And Zek sought to exploit that.

A circle was formed Around the two. Zek stood. A rapier and a scimitar in each hand.. he eyed the man.. who thought he was gonna beat him some elf. Zek even waited for the man to make the first strike. And as he lunged in with a gouging thrust, Zek twisted to the side, wide of the feeble blow, sliding the scimitar under the extended arm, and for what seemed like a sickeningly long time he drug the blade along the muscle and cut tendon after tendon and tore into muscle in the Human's arm before slamming his rapier into his gut sending the Human sprawling to the dirt.

This wasn't even a challenge and Zek just stared at the circle of men waiting for another challenger. But after the gruesome defeat of some newbie they all just stood with an awestruck face. Some looked a little shaken. But all knew one thing.. He secured himself as not only another Mercenary. But No one would ask him to clean up after dinner again.

Weeks Turned to Months… And Zek worked dutifully through the ranks best he could. He was still young and had much to learn and improve. He was described as having great potential. Having been trained by a historical warrior figure might have something to do with it.. But that's long passed and he would cast aside those teachings and build something that defiled that style of fighting.. Two weapons are better than one any day.

When it came to combat he took a backseat to the more potent fighters. He was paired with a pretty monkey. Verl was his name.. Though never owning a shield himself, Zek acted as Verl's personal buckler for a while. But for being a human. And a weird mage type.. he can defend himself pretty well. He was charming and won over some of the Legion's men. But Zek knew from combat.. the look in his eyes.. Verl was cold. Logical, calculating and cold.

Together the pair was a decent pick for independent missions. They worked well in tandom. At the moment Verl, having seniority by duration within the Legion, though he rarely called orders out. Zek recognized his superior and followed them to the letter. Skirmish missions leading them into the woods of towns to deal with Goblins.. Ensure the safety of personnel through the cities rougher areas. Few times as it was, Verl and Zek weren't always sent alone, another fighter and a few times a healer of sorts came along. Just in case.

Verl was in charge, Zek his second.. the other two.. Just tagging along to add to the chaos.. Their fellow legionnaire was a good natured monkey. The cleric.. an elf.. The stoicism that leaked off his elegant features just made Zek smile.. a superior breed, Azure…

On a particular skirmish in the woods, Zek considered it training.. Azure following near Verl and Zek was up front with Dylan.. "Release the slaves, kill the tribe.. that's our mission right?" asked Dylan in a hushed tone chopping down stray vines and branches.

"Indeed." Zek replied with a smirk "Kill the whole tribe, is the exact orders. From our resource, over that hill, we should get an aerial view of the encampment. I hope you're prepared for this."

"Don't question my conviction, Zek." he said as he pulled away to scout ahead. Zek could only smile. He looked back checking on his support crew before following in Dylan's wake. Zek pulled out his swords as they reached the hill and he looked down over the hamlet of tents and tepees. They really were primitive sorts. Some of the Legion members scattered throughout the slave lines.. Their carelessness got them stuck here.

Verl and Azure closed in behind to get a look. "Strategy time.. Dylan and I will run around from opposite sides and pincer. Azure.. Verl.. you do what you two do best to cover us from here if possible.. move closer and climb a tree if need be.. Simple and easy to follow… Dylan.. you and I will run in, attack, then run out and hide. Keep them guessing. Get 5 minutes to get into position, Verl.. you fire as a signal to begin. Let's Go" and the little huddle was broken up instantly as everyone departed their seperate ways. Verl remained on the rock. Azure got closer. Dylan and Zek moved briskly to their stations.

Zek found his position, and his target. A seemingly tired guard.. it was almost nightfall. Guard duty was shifting.. in three minutes the guards traded out.. to more alert hunters.. in two more minutes a man near the cages was pelted by a glistening purple bolt of energy. As all turned around to the source of the noise in sprang Zek.. Silent in running through the commotion the new guard caught a rapier in the back and a scimitar across his throat in a spin in front of him before Zek departed along a hut wall and ducked back into shadows.. He saw Dylan across from him in a similar spot.. Dylan signaled 'one down' and Zek cast the same signal.. the shouts of the singular remaining guard were shortened as you heard another silent puff of energy pelting into him..

There was a stirring, but most of the slaves were silent. Zek held a hand up to Dylan who looked jumpy.. cautioning him to calm and wait. Dylan understood and after a few moments there was the sound of a disgruntled guard shouting in his tribal tongue.. then came the familiar puff of energy.. Zek and Dylan came out of their hiding, criss crossed through the central area and practically cut the native in half, ducking into new areas. But it was enough to cause some hell there were multiple sounds and weird noises to note some language.

Zek chanced a look from his alcove.. seeing 3, then 5 then 9 natives.. milling around the slaves. Zek waited.. then one of the natives eyes went white, he spun around and stabbed his fellow next to him.. The ensuing uproar was almost too funny, Zek had to stifle a laugh. The native was fought 8 on 1.. Dylan caught Zek's eye, and there was a nod.. The shaman standing back from the warriors was the indicated target.. They shot out of their hiding spots again. The Shaman spotted them but an energy blast to his chest disabled his ability to make noise as it caught him off guard just long enough for Dylan and Zek to separate his torso from his legs.

Then drop back into hiding. Primitive and simple.. the plan was going off excellently. Zek chanced a look to notice the 7 had killed the 1 that had turned to attack them all. They looked thoroughly confused until Zek saw Azure.. standing some 45 feet from the natives.. arm's up like a surrender.. What was that fool doing?! Zek stood rigid watching.. As the natives left the prisoners along and krept closer to Azure, azure showed a holy symbol in a bluff attempt to ensure his aid.. and that's when every single Native just dropped their spears like they were captivated by this pretty elf. Zek's jaw would've rolled on the ground had it not been attached.

Dylan raced out to start securing the prisoners while the native's were distracted. And a Native child.. Rushing towards Dylan with one of the spears he found on the ground.. "Dylan, Check your flank!" called one of the mercs chained up. As Dylan turned to look behind him all he saw was a native kid.. no more than 9 years old.. impaled on the rapier of Zek.. who had came to Dylan's aid. The look in Dylan's eye bothered Zek.. he looked scared.. shocked that such a thing could happen. Before smashing the locks Dylan stood up staring at Zek, "You could've incapacitated him without killing him. He was just a child."

"You misunderstood our orders then Dylan.. This tribe must Die for it's insolence.. How dare you. Now you either unlock these prisoners and take them to the camp or I'll kill you myself for desertion" Zek was furious. And Verl seemed indifferent as he walked up behind Zek then behind each enthralled Native just out of the field of vision of his nearest compatriot and was slitting throats until no more warriors stood.

"Dylan.. think really carefully about your next words" Zek still gripping his scimitar in his free hand pulled the rapier out the back of the native child.
Dylan looked to be thinking about it. But his reaction was too easy to read and that's what Zek lashed out at. The subtle twitch at Dylan's sword coming from his sheath and Zek pounced on him. Blood, gore, skin, bone.. nothing was keeping Zek from this monkey's soul. After it was done Zek smashed the lock and pointed to Azure "He'll lead you to town… Verl.. Come with me.. we have a villiage to burn."

Mission after mission, Verl and Zek proved quite the pair time and time again. Successful battle plans and lots of successful missions. Hopes were high for this specific pair. They grew in respect towards one another as well as powerful allies. Zek was always quick to defend Verl if he needed it.. and Zek sometimes never saw Verl's aid, but was certain it was there.

On a big mission.. that required the attention of the higher ups.. were told to investigate an ancient catacomb. Zek and Verl were to be rear guard. They were trust enough to guard the backs of their superiors… Fools..

As they moved into the first room of the catacombs Zek, Azure, Verl, and a few others set up a perimeter of safety here while the rest of the men went to check out the surrounding rooms. Azure was weary because he could feel the presence of undead.. and best he could tell.. he was the only person best capable of dealing with them.

Zek set up the perimeter with some of the newbs.. Verl helped with a strategy point and making this little spot like a base camp.
"Calm yourself Azure.. We wont be here long."
Azure nodded but Zek wasn't sure he was reassured.. Then the screaming came.
Zek turned jerked both his weapons from their sheathes "Verl.. Hold back" as he ran out into the catacomb beckoning Azure with him.

The Screams and sounds of combat were well underway when Zek and Azure entered the room. Wall to wall with zombies, skeletons and other things. Azure reached for his holy symbol when another undeadly figured dropped from the ceiling on top of him. Azure made one very low sound before he stopped moving and bled. Zek looked and realized the loss he called for help. He Kicked and stabbed and slashed at the zombie on top of azure and scooped the elf off the ground to retreat from the ensuing chaos.

He Ran down the hallway meeting up with Verl and others along the way. The first few fighters blew past him into the next room and Zek locked a gaze on Verl and spoke in the infernal tongue. "Now is our time for departure.. the danger here is beyond us… Those traps that were found.. I suggest we trigger them then bury the entrance after we exit." Verl balked a moment then nodded and after gathering some things were outside. Zek ran back inside and the traps he could find, with a bow and arrow he set of trip wires, pressure plates and alarms alike.. the inside of the catacomb rumbles and shook thunderously. Zek bolted for the exit direction that he knew. As he cleared the threshold of the entrance Verl fired, time and time again at a barrel of 'Impact oil" when it went off.. The shockwave.. even from 40 feet away knocked Both Verl and Zek over.

Neither Zek nor Verl being of healer caliber.. dug a shallow grave for Azure.. and left his holy symbol on top as a grave marking. The talk as they pair walked away was of business. New employers were needed.. A new name… Hell Brigade.. for the surviving members of the Legion of Hell.

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