Crime………………..Possible punishments (determined by judge)

Arson (intentional): Death by gibbeting, death by drowning, death by hanging, death by drawn and quarter.

Arson (misadventure): Heavy flogging, extended forced labor, imprisonment, death by drowning, fines levied along with

Assault: Fines, light flogging.

Assault on a guildee: Severe fines, heavy flogging, imprisonment, death by stoning.

Assault on Guild leader: Death by hanging.

Assault on watch: Severe Fines, heavy flogging, imprisonment, death by flogging.

Burglary: Heavy fines, flogging, forced labor.

Cheating: Severe fines, heavy flogging.

Counterfeiting: Imprisonment, heavy flogging, forced labor, death by hanging.

Destruction of property: Flogging, imprisonment.

Collusion with Orcs: Interrogation (torture), death by decapitation, death by crushing or other hostile powers.

Misuse of magic: Reprimand to the tower, death by hanging, heavy flogging, loss of spells. (Tower judges usually sit in on cases)

Drunkenness: Not a crime.

Extortion: Severe fines, imprisonment, forced labor.

Forging city documents: Severe Fines, heavy flogging, imprisonment.

Gambling: Not a crime. (legal business)

Improper speech: Not a crime. (normal talk)

Murder (INTENTIONAL): Imprisonment, death by hanging.

Murder (misadventure): Severe fines, imprisonment, permanent forced labor.

Piracy: Severe Fines, forced labor, imprisonment, branding, death by drowning.

Prostitution: Not a crime. (legal business)

Selling illegal goods: Severe Fines Imprisonment (Usually this is in addition to some one who has committed other crimes)

Smuggling: Heavy fines heavy flogging forced labor, imprisonment, death by keel hauling.

Tax evasion: Heavy fines, forced labor, death by hanging, branding.

Theft (major +300gp): Heavy fines, flogging, forced labor, branding.

Theft (minor -300gp): Fines, light floggings.

Treason: Death by decapitation, corpse dismemberment and scattered.

Penalties may be mitigated to lesser penalties by written approval of the Adventurer's Guild leader, Warren Daltoshet.

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