Kale Wuljof

Part of House Wuljof.
When Wuljof was a young still an adventuring house as with most of it's traditions, there came the Adventurers training. And at a young Age Kale showed a great potential to use his body, and mind in everything he did.

At 6 years old he was running through the streets Near his house playing with other siblings and cousins and other children around the area. Playing Tag and Hide and seek. He was good at Hide and seek. He was never found and and he could always find the others.

He was in the middle of a game of tag just outside the town. He ran afoul of some of the wilderness creatures while running away. Sure there wasn't any real danger but Kale wasn't afraid. He even tried to present himself as non threatening. But one of his cousin's threw stones to get the creatures to run away. Thus angering them more. All the kids ran, Except his nearest older siblings. Tallen his brother, and Kallis his Sister. They drew their knives being a bit older than him. The creatures only seemed territorial to a point and though his punching and kicking didn't really amount to much more than making the creatures more angry. The creatures only managed a bite on his foot and after that his older siblings managed to chase the creatures away.

He was returned home and told about his "Wonderous fight" against the "evil badgers of the forest" and hearing the wonderful recount of the battle his parents thought of the way he fought. The very next morning Kale was sent off to a monastery to Begin his training. As it would teach him how to hone his chosen way of fighting and teach him respect as well as discipline.

He kept correspondence with his parents monthly at the beginning. Then it changed to quarterly then yearly.

At the age of 11 he heard of the death of his two older Brothers. Tallen and Jahved were involved in protecting a group of villagers from a raid. Though the village was saved The loss of Tallen and Jahved hit the Wuljof Core hard. Kallis and Sephira wrote more often to make sure Kale stayed out of danger. Like overprotective mothers.

They reminded him that how he looked like Jahved and acted a lot like Tallen that they thought he'd be foolish enough to hunt them down. Jahved was the one that Kale had idolized. Ruthless Hunter, fierce warrior. Nothing could take him down. Until it took 10 to 1. But he stood his ground and everyone of them he took down before succumbing to his fate. He didn't die alone, Tallen at his side. Brilliant Tallen. A progeny of Magic. Had he lived there'd have been stories. He was believed and upheld to the idea he'd have fallen into the history books.

Gone. Kale was forced to have that weigh on his conscience while he trained, and took every ounce of concentration he could muster to keep his head. There were certain issues. The rest of the monks of the order had the ability to be quick, but this devastating blow to Kale's core made him seem slower.. but when his punches landed there was a resounding thud.

Every group of students had their bad eggs. And since Kale's family rose in status, the other disciples became distant. Would pick on him and call him names for his families rise to a certain glory. Wasn't a good combination for him to maintain his studies and deal with the loss of family on top of dealing with people thinking they were better than him. He was earning everything he got here. So he didn't know why he was being singled out.

On a particular morning he got up early as he usually did and went to meditate in front of the main building while waiting for his masters to show up. And a few of the students thought then was the time to get him while there weren't authority figures around.

In his mind he was envisioning a calm hilly region, with a gentle breeze blowing the stalks of the grass just rolling across the hills. The skies were clear and the sun was bright. A rolling thunder then was heard overhead and he opened his eyes seeing three or four of his gathered mates surrounding him. He looked up as the sky began to cloud. Rain was coming, so he slowly stood.
"Rowd, Jason, Veit…. is this what it looks like?"
The boys stood silent, popping their knuckles and looking menacing at Kale, he shook his head and tried his best to clear his mind.
Then Rowd spoke up. "So we hear your family is dropping like flies. Do you carry some disease?"
This instantly angered Kale. Discipline aside. Restraint? No where in his mind. Blood…. "We're not diseased. Just unfortunate."
Rowd advanced and threw the first blow, a quick snap of his foot catching Kale in the gut knocking the wind out of him momentarily and Jason and Veit were quick to take his arms to keep him standing.
"Rowd, don't do this. You know it can't go well."
"Shut up Kale! You've had this coming ever since you became a noble. You got in here easy. The rest of us had to earn our way in. And now is the time to show -Our- Superiority." And standing there he threw those quick jabs that the monastery was known for.
Kale jerked to a side with all his strength letting the first blow miss him entirely and the second land against Jason's head, causing him to recoil and release Kale.
"I'm sorry" Was all Kale said when he flattened his hand and snapped it into Veit's exposed throat the boy collapsed on the ground unable to breathe or speak he just held his throat trying to get air into his lungs.
Kale took a stance in front of Rowd unlike what he was used to.
"This is what you wanted right? Bring it. I will defend my family against you."
Rowd snapped a foot in front of Kale's face which Kale rolled back ducking just under the blow bending backwards but the second blow came to his overexposed gut and had him doubling over a little. He didn't have time to feel pain, with the special technique that the Master's had taught him, he stomped on the ground right in front of Rowd dropped under his guard and slammed his fist into the stomach of Rowd. And sending that paralyzing strike with it. Rowd locked up unable to move for a moment. Kale took a step back pivoted on his heal and spun around his foot connecting to the helpless Jaw of Rowd causing the boy to be launched off his feet pirouhetting in the air and then landing on the ground unconscious.
Then it started raining. Three of the fellow students on the ground, and walking up are the Masters. Kale took the full responsibility of his actions and then took the full 100 lashes as punishment.

He trained diligently and when his Eldest sister Sephira became ill he began to question things. He turned to the heronious. He sought answers to what might have befallen his home. What would he return to. And once he left the Monastery. He Felt his new Deity guiding him.

He thought of Sephira, on his way. She was always kind to any. She had a beautiful voice and was the only real entertainer of the family. He didn't know what illness she was taken with and didn't learn until later that it was fatal.

He was travelling for two days, with just some water and a loaf of bread. He came upon a couple of bandits. Harassing what seemed to be a small family pulling a food cart along the road. He couldn't turn a blind eye so he approached slowly. "Is there any way I can be of service?" He casually asked the man holding the reigns. The bandits looked at him. "Shove off Kid this isn't any of your business."

Kale dropped his bag next to the cart and walked up to the main fugitive. "I will not turn a blind eye, and let thieves like you hassle innocent farmers. So I am here to act in their stead. So you may only continue your harassment when I am dealt with."

The fugitive looked down at the 15 year old kid and began to laugh. Which Kale took as acceptence of terms and hauled off punching the man so hard in the nose that not only was their a resounding crunch but blood flew two ways, first hitting his friend then the family behind him. The man staggered back and doubled over holding his bleeding face, the second man pulled his sword and held it in the traditional style of a fencer, looking a bit menacing with it, Kale only took a stance and waited. "This is your final warning, leave now and no harm will come to you."
The man answered with a thrust then a slash, leaving Kale to dance back away from him a bit. the man swung his sword down on Kale, and a bit of cockiness got in him that he clapped his hands together catching the blade on it's way down, but was retaliated upon with a kick to the gut, thus freeing the sword and leaving Kale staggering backwards. The man thrust once more skewering Kale's shoulder and Kale would call out"ARGH!" Never having been stabbed before this was indeed a new experience. The man jerked the sword out and the blood then flowed from the wound. Kale staggered back holding his shoulder. Then it was the Theives' turn to get cocky. he walked just in front of Kale holding his sword up high. Kale reacted, launching his foot straight up catching the man in his jaw. His mouth slammed shut as his head rocked back then he quickly turned his head spitting something out of his mouth. Kale took the initiative picking his foot up high and bringing it straight down on the man's shoulder, there was a snap of the collar bone then his eyes rolled back and passed out from shock.

Kale looked to the man and woman still on the side of the road. "You may go now.' He winced, tore at his shirt to patch his wound for a moment before moving along to wards his destination.

To the Grand Chapel of Renais. He came up to the steps and stopped looking up as if this place held his answers, he dropped to his knees and stared down as if praying, he was indeed praying for guidance. Then the doors opened and he was led inside. There he was taught and learned all that he could for he was certain he could find the solace he sought within these walls.

He Left the Chapel at 17 to return to the monastery and explain to them of his disappearance and to except his punishment for leaving without permission. He was only given 15 lashes for his insubordination but was forgiven. He explained how he sought revenge though the order taught him not to be lead to said temptations. And that at the Chapel he was told the same thing. So he was allowed back in and able to pursue both of his virtues so long as he stayed true.

On the before his 19th birthday he was told that he needed to leave and to gain the knowledge of the world around him. Only then will he learn any decent life experiences. So his first stop was his home. To Inform his parent's of his Triumphant return and to see of what use he could be.

And before he parted ways with the order they gave him a set of bracers to help him on his journeys. Then with one foot in front of the other he began his journey home…

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