House Wuljof

House Motto: "The bond is the journey."
House Heads: Marn Wuljof and his cousin Lyssa Wuljof.
House Crest: Two black wolves howling up at a silver moon, blue sky.
Source of Wealth: Adventuring. Independent gains.
Military: More like a militia and motley of different types of warriors of all shapes, sizes, colors and blood.

New to the world of nobles for only a decade. Marn and Lyssa fought, donated, and adventured their way into the hearts of the people, helping those in need outside the walls as well as within. Along with being a big help to Warren Daltoshet, the three being close friends.

Family Tree:


Having a hand in the Adventurers Guild as well as full support for those involved with the Adventurers guild. Also keeping a good eye on the common citizenry of the town to ensure fairness for all.


There isn't a single religion that the house sticks to. Have been known to choose any religion and still be devout followers of their specified path. It is not their place to pass judgement on those with differing beliefs.

House Relations

House DeSeuls
A lot of respect goes out to the masters of the Divine. Always willing to and have helped them whenever needs have arised. Whatever happened in the past with the family is tragic but wont blame one person for a few bad eggs.

House Cestilonus
Another hand respectfully shaking the town protectors. Keeping the city safe from all manners of dangers and it's people. Never a more dedicated nor passionate group for the job.

House Vaspaxian
Haven't had much dealings with the Vaspaxian. But still someone to be respected. They didn't get where they are by sitting back and letting things slide.

Mavignor. The merchants of the town keep the flow of interesting and common things in well supply. If they weren't here it's almost certain that the town would've fallen to disrepair long ago. Glad for their contacts to keep the town's maintenance as well as their own needs intact.

Members of note

Marn Wuljof- Family Head, Current whereabouts unknown
Winter Wuljof- Wife of Marn, Same as Marn

Lyssa Wuljof- Family head, Cousin of Marn, Traveling the world

Kale Wuljof - 21 Years old.

Youngest of Marn's Children, only surviving male. Average height, Black hair. Built like a brick shit house. First of the family to combine two difficult disciplines to harmonize both into a single deadly force. Best friend of Jared Cestilonus and Courting Mia DeSeuls.

Kallis Wuljof - 24 years old.

4th youngest of Marn's children, only surviving female. Short, black hair. Wiry, and lithe. Whereabouts unknown. ( open to be played )

Sujari Wuljof - 25 years old.

Only child of Lyssa Wuljof. Stoic and reserved. Seen almost always with an escort, be it her cousin Kale or her Boyfriend Jared.

(Only open player is Kallis.. no other distant relations available)

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