House Vaspaxian

Motto:"Honor through respect, power through discipline."
House Head: Lord Maldred Vaspaxian
Heraldry: Golden Dragon on Crimson Field
Source of Wealth: Siegeworks, Alchemy, Smithing.
Guild Affiliation: Tower
Military: Monks, light infantry, medium infantry, light cavalry, support of
sorcerors, often uses seige engines.
(Moderate Strength)

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Though House Vaspaxian is certainly less than an absolute power, it is certainly quite corrupt. This once beneficent family boasted it's founder a half dragon named Benzerac, who took as his surname the Draconic name of his golden progenitor, Vaspaxian. Benzerac and his father were quite the heroes in their day, but Vaspaxian himself died battle alongside his son against the Balor Xargorz and his demonic horde, who long ago attacked Mithryl Falls. His son and their followers survived to carry on the legacy of heroism, and Benzerac's son Earic was granted a title of nobility by the Magistrate of Mithryl falls in tribute for his father's sacrifice. He took unto himself the allotment of land outside the city granted him by the King, as well as the great caverns in the nearby hills which were once his father's abode. From the wealth of his horde, Earic Vaspaxian built an empire of industry, democracy, and intellect. He and many of his children were skilled sorcerors, and there were also many philosophers and monks in their number. as befits the descendants of so honorable a being. Alchemy, smith work, and the devising of clever mechanical objects were all areas in which the sons of House Vaspaxian excelled.

In the course of the many wars fought in and around the city defending it from it's enemies, the nature of House Vaspaxian slowly changed. Though their fundamental nature of the family remained that of honor, discipline, the means by which they executed their duties changed. Lords of the line, drunk with the wealth of their position and the power of their armies began to to think more of their political power than the well being of their subjects. Though in word and deed they remained loyal to the Magistrate of Mythral Falls, they came to covet his power. Had not their armies fought many of the wars that kept the city safe? Had not their clever innovations brought the people luxury and security? Did not they deserve greater power for the good they had done the people of Mithryl falls? Increasingly, the leadership has come to believe it.


House Vaspaxian maintains a veneer of civility when dealing with the other houses, though at any one time it is common for some of their number to have one or more plots in the works to increase their power or to humiliate their rivals. In times of war, however, this intrigue tends to vanish as most members of House Vaspaxian will wisely set aside their own goals to unite with the other families against a common foe. It should be noted that in the course of all their schemes, they have never once broken a law. At least not to the knowlege of anyone living.


Most religious members of house Vaspaxian worship Hextor (for his warlike blessings), or Tiamat, as she is a god of dragons, and viewed by most of the House as worthier of worship than Bahamut, whose faith was the original official religion. Some speculate Bahamut himself was deeply insulted by the family's betrayal of his faith and their embrace of the two dark gods.


While not boasting the raw military power of House Cestilonus (Their army is only 2/3 the size of the latter's), House Vaspaxian manages to hold it's own in most conflicts by the clever use of terrain, well placed ambushes, and precisely timed combat maneuvers. Their forces usually wear light or medium armor, and they favor mobility, power, and accuracy. The exception to this their use of many ingenius alchemical compounds and siege engines…which are invariably heavily armored. Lord Maldred Vaspaxian is notable for his habit of fighting in the front along side his soldiers…unlike many house lords, who lead from the rear.

House Vaspaxian also boasts an out of town fortification in their lands, a towering cluster of towers and spires known as the Crimson Keep, named so because the red granite of which it is built shines blood red during sunset or sunrise. This edifice stands atop the small mountain that once housed the dragon Vaspaxian's lair. The tunnels that once hid his horde now house the Vaspaxian family's greatest secrets; their dungeons, their alchemical labs, and their most ingenious seige technology. The steep terrain and narrow pathway leading to the entrance and the towers bristling with advanced seige weaponry make the assault of this citadel a formidable prospect. House Vaspaxian takes special pride in the fact it has never been taken by an enemy.

House Relations

House DeSeuls

The Houses of Vaspaxian holds a thinly veiled and deep seated contemp for the fallen house, viewing their past debauchery as an indellible mark of dishonor against their name and power. Some dare whisper in dark corners that the fall may even have been somehow orchestrated by the house of the dragon, but this is often scoffed away as an urban legend.

House Cestilonus

Due to their similar belief in honor and law, these families up till recently shared an alliance. However, Maldred and Voquil, who once shared a mentor and student relationship, grew apart. His dislike for Maldred is common knowlege, and rumored to be mutual.

House Mavignor

The Vaspaxians view the Mavignor family with mixed admiration and suspicion. They can appreciate the hard work and intelligence it has taken the mercantile family to reach their level of affluence, but are wary of them encroaching on their own fields of expertise. For the present, relations are good.

House Wuljof

The Vaspaxians view house Wuljof largely as pretenders, and something of a joke. They take them seriously neither as competitors for political power nor as a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Members of Note

Lord Maldred Vaspaxian
Male, 43 years old.

Tall, dark, and handsome, with an athletic build. He wears no weapons or armor, but is rumored to be a powerfull unarmed combatant and a lethal spellcaster.

Sir Beric Vaspaxian
Male, 21 years old.

The spitting image of his father, but with a more martial bent. A well known Dark Knight of Hextor, and a serious contender in the tourneys.
Rumored to have an unhealthy attraction towards his sister. It's unknown whether she reciprocates.

Sir Elric Vaspaxian
Male, 20 years old.

Short, slender, and a pretty boy (if rather sickly), this young man was bedridden for much of his young life, and nearly died of Slimey Doom at the age of twelve. It's well known that his father believes him to be a failure because of his gentle, kindly nature, and is embarassed by his seeming lack of notable accomplishments.

Lady Adela Vaspaxian

Female, 18 years old.

Short, slender, and a shapely mix of athletic curves and femine delicacy. She much resembles her sweet tempered mother, but her heart is as rigid and calculating as her father's.

Lady Elora Vaspaxian

Female, Grey Elf, 118 years old.

With her gloomy, deadpan personality, and a sense of style distinctly applicable to funerals, Elora was married to Elric because her family found her disinterest in the arcane embarassing, and Elric's found his political feats less than impressive. Both families thought them good for nothing but the forging of an alliance.

Lady Kanzelmina Vaspaxian

Female, 21 Years

The daughter of Maldred's younger sister, Kanzelmina is a rigid disciplinarian whose devotion to the Dragonqueen borders on fanaticism.


A secret known by only the highest members of the family is the existance of a clandestine order of individuals known only as the Platinum Talon, thought to be closet worshippers of Bahamut. Their exact number and the identity of their leader is unknown, but it is speculated that they are slowly moving to depose Lord Maldred and place a more lenient Lord on the throne.

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