House Deseuls

Motto: "Death before corruption."
House Head: Caleb DeSeuls
Heraldry: Argent, a broken lightning bolt Or, Enchained Sable (Black chains holding a golden bolt together on a silver field)
Source of Wealth: Questing, Agriculture, Ironworks
Military: Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Infantry, Medical, Heavy Airborne, Scout
(Lesser Strength)

“Those who’s fate lies in the hands of God are proof from the hand of mortal men.”

Brought low in recent history, the DeSeuls House was nevertheless one of the prominent exemplars of strength in faith of the city, and by all appearances continues to struggle to hold onto that example. The progenitor of the line, Pylus DeSeuls of the Ten Shields, was raised to peerage after surviving an infernal incursion of the highest degree, one man of thirteen that did so in a massive battle. His descendents have carried the DeSeuls name across the nation, but the name is most firmly rooted in proximity to Mythril Falls and the Grand Chapel of Renais, some weeks away.

The DeSeuls family has always maintained tight connections with the theocratic Renais, regularly sending both recruits and trade goods to the city and in return hosting a substantial craftsman force to aid in the improvement of the city of Mythril Falls. The head of the DeSeuls family has been trained personally by the presiding headmaster of the paladin school for the past century as far as any can remember without looking at family records, and the current head is no exception, receiving discipline straight from the Grandmaster Reginlief Brosseau. In the city of Mythril Falls, the clergy tends to gravitate toward service to Heironeous and the Temple, although they regularly assist the Guard when not otherwise occupied, a service usually beneficial for all parties involved.


The DeSeuls family has long implemented a policy of attending to the People first, as leaders befitting their station. Their devotion to the church is their next priority, and this leaves dealings with other noble houses a tertiary concern or lesser. Some agree that DeSeuls even consider the other nobles to be part of their flock to lead for by example, although all due respect is typically given to others of their peerage.


Heironeous is, by and large, the patron deity of the household, and more than a few Heironean clerics, knights and paladins claim the DeSeuls name as their own. The holy symbol is a common adornment in their homes, and few leave the abode without carrying one. If there was another prominent worship to be seen, it lies with Pelor, as even those who balk at their stringent duty value the blessings that the Sun God bestows.


The house military is, in relation to the other houses, small at any given time. Most of those who work for the house serve as skilled laborers, and little else. Instead, the DeSeuls hosts superior training for heavily armored corps, forming the backbone of a larger military force. The best of these fighters, and often the members of the house itself, are frequently selected as Honor Guard for dignitaries and visiting royalty.

House Relations

House Cestilonus

Most DeSeuls have a healthy respect for the military minds and prowess this house generates, although it is the common opinion that many individuals hold themselves in somewhat higher regard than they have truly earned. Nevertheless, their reputation is based on their regard to upkeep and defense of the city, an arena they have shown themselves to be more than dependable in.

House Mavignor

Concerned with the material and delving deeply into purely mortal affairs, the DeSeuls house may make individual friends and enemies, but as a whole, there is little thought given to the Mavignor name. It is not borne of a disgust or anathema, but simply a matter of two planes that only rarely and briefly touch.

House Wuljof

As the Wuljof family is tied inextricably to the common folk as a whole, the DeSeuls usually have a certain respect for their ceaseless efforts to better the commoner. They are known to share a more hearty comraderie with each other than with the other houses, perhaps a commonality based on their disregard for the ‘lofty heights’ that status gives them to use and abuse the citizen.

House Vaspaxian

Little enough thought is given to this family by DeSeuls, although in difference to the Mavignor’s, to mention the Vaspaxians is to elicit a frown of distaste and a shake of the head. It is the common agreement that they should be left to themselves, and if they overstep themselves, to be dealt with quietly and swiftly.

Members of Note

Caleb Wagner DeSeuls
Male, 24 years old

Quite young to be the head of the reclaimed house, Caleb is tall, broad, and quite imposing in armor that builds further on his physique. How ever odd behavior it is for a paladin to keep heads as spoils of war, his trophy room is the stuff of rumors.

Mia Rayiel DeSeuls
Female, 18 years old

The youngest of the local DeSeuls family, Mia is an attractive young woman exuding the same wafting confidence that one would experience from paladins, although heavy plate is the last thing you would see her in. She takes pride in learning to better defend the family and the city that she belongs to.

Aerin DeSeuls
Female, 23 years old

Cleric of Heironeous, Aerin is one of the more generally cheerful members of the house, softspoken and contemplative. Busying herself between family affairs and the Temple, she is as often in robes as full plate, and is an equipment enchanter of some renown.

Gelu DeSeuls
Male, 22 years old

A rogue by nature, Gelu is often seen wandering about whistling without a care. Skin tattooed an aggressive black and white pattern, it wouldn’t seem that he would be hard to find, but the man makes it more difficult than you think, especially when he’s just gotten done plaguing his older brother with his latest jest.

Percival DeSeuls
Male, 48 years old

Patriarch of one of the few DeSeuls branches not in the city, the only common link between he and Caleb is their training at Renais. Nevertheless, he has sent missives declaring his goodwill and support for the main family at Mythril Falls, and continues to build his own reputation in court elsewhere.

Dezmon DeSeuls
Male, 25 years old

Keeping to himself, this scarred fighter does his best to ignore affiliations with his name, although out of distaste or apathy has yet to be ascertained.


The true story of the DeSeuls massacre is a long echoing tale, but more modernly is the hidden room that Caleb refers to as the Trophy Room. Heads of demons, devils, and dangers to the material plane rest, stuffed, on their shelf…just above the abundance of torture devices that await a necessity to use them. Caleb has yet to bring someone there, but some of the restraints have been used for the safety of those aiding lycanthropes, the only hint of such a cache.

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