House Cestilonus

Motto: “Chaos and evil prevail where good folk do nothing”
House Head: Patriarch Voquil Borastil Cestilonus
Heraldry: Ruby red bear over a blue battlefield, with a golden dawn burst.
Source of Wealth: Guards, Arms and Armor production, Military gains, Training services.
Military (Highest Strength) : Light, Medium, Heavy Infantry. Light, Medium, Heavy Cavalry. Warmages.
Archers. Military Engineers (Sappers, etc.) Largest Monastery in the city.

Tristan Cestilonus, through natural ability, had worked his way up to the head of the Royal Guardianship in Mythril Falls. Proving himself countless times on the field of battle, and in the defense of the city, he was granted power and land as rewards. By the time he had retired, he was the Patron of his own noble house, and had founded the Guard (now a separate institution) using his own manpower and resources. A devotee of St. Cuthbert, Tristan melded the structure of his house and military forces with that of the structure of his worship.

In the current ages, the House continues on much as it did in the past. Being a front line of defense for the city, it holds itself above most others, especially now that there is no King above them. The children of the nobility are trained and taught to be leaders on the field or in the office, and almost guaranteed a position of authority. In a slightly more mercantile manner, they also provide guards for hire, something the Mavignor family takes full advantage of.


Workaholics, proud, and disciplined, the Cestilonus House often does not deign to play the petty games of politics, and when they do, they treat it the same as a battlefield. House Cestilonus tends to be uptight but straight faced when meeting with other houses, with some of the family feeling a slight superiority over the other nobility. When called to war, they gladly accept help from other houses, but often take the lion's share of the glory, and make it clear that they are the top, of the chain of command.


House Cestilonus is relatively tolerant of diverse religions within its household, but the majority of the nobility itself is devoted to St. Cuthbert. The few who are not, are likely unaffiliated with any god, but still pursue the ideals of law and order. At the lowest of the echelons, the servants and soldiers have their general pick of gods, most following Pelor. It is rare for a member of the nobility to be zealous enough to follow Heironeous, or undisciplined enough to become a devotee of Kord, but those gods are common enough in the actual regiments.


Holding the largest military force in the city, House Cestilonus is often called in the defense of the city. Whether warfare or the Guard, it is likely you will see the colors of a Cestilonus house member on the tabards of many a person. Operating with a strict and rigorous system, discipline is the name of the game to members of the household. Laziness, lack of dedication, and willingness to break ranks, these habits are removed, or if not, the offender is removed. House Cestilonus boasts many a tactician in its family lineage, which coupled with their numbers, superior equipment, and relatively recent introduction of Warmages into the ranks, is the reason their military is the strongest in the city.

House Relations:

House DeSeuls

The house views the incidents at the DeSeuls' Manse as regrettable, and bemoans the fact that they had not interfered and taken the floundering house under its guardianship. However, the house condones Caleb's actions and respect the efforts he has made to restore the name DeSeusl. Jared Cestilonus is a close comrade of Mia DeSeuls, which facilitates the favorable attitude of House Cestilonus towards House DeSeuls.

House Mavignor

The Mavignor House has proven to be a beneficial comrade for the Cestilonus House. While some of the Cestilonus family view them as soft and self absorbed, none can deny that the Mavignor's constant demand for guards provides for a symbiosis between the two houses.

House Wuljof

The Wuljof family is considered young, brash, and uncouth, but filled with potential, by the Cestilonus House. Their fighting capability is not to be scoffed at, even if their observance of military procedure is rather lacking. Jared Cestilonus has continued his befriending of other houses with his closest friend being Kale Wuljof. Rather recently, Jared has also been seen spending much time with Kale's cousin, Sujari Wuljof.

House Vaspaxian

Through the past, both houses had a close relationship and enjoyed the power that the synergy of their forces brought. Patriarch Voquil even had the opportunity to personally train and mentor the head of House Vaspaxian, Lord Maldred, in the ways of nobility and warfare.

Members of Note

Voquil Borastil Cestilonus
Patron, Male, 67 years old.
An aging Cuthbertine priest. Silver hair, eyesight failing, but his mind is as sharp as ever, keeping him at the head of the family, instead of stepping down for one of his younger sons to take over.

Cedric “The Bear” Cestilonus
Father to Jared, Oldest of three brothers, son of Voquil, 45 years old.

Jared Cestilonus
Male, 21 years old, Lieutenant of the Guard, Warmage.
6ft, brown hair with a short military cut. Black, hardened eyes. Whiplash thin and wiry. Has a straight, unwavering posture. Duty to the Guard, duty to the city, duty to his family, duty to his friends. These are the driving forces in his life. In the line of succession to House Patron, Jared comes behind his father, While his sister, Elizabeth is older, the family is a patriarchy.

Heinrich Cestilonus
Middle brother, son of Voquil, 44 years old.

Borrestien Cestilonus
Youngest of three brothers, son of Voquil, father of Aarica, 41 years old.

Aarica Cestilonus
Daughter of Borrestien.
Aaricia is the only daughter as she has 7 older brothers, the youngest just a year older then her. Aaricia was raised and schooled at the estate of her parents, trained to ride, dance and even handle a weapon to defend herself.

Family Tree:

(For purposes of those wishing to join the Cestilonus House, the two named brothers of the Borrestien family are monks, and there are another 5 unnamed brothers with open stories. Each brother is older than Aarica. For the Heinrich family there is one dead son, and other members can be added. The Cedric family is locked in, but Elizabeth and Kiera are available. Lastly, there are of course much more distant cousins and family members who bear the name Cestilonus, but none are even close to the line of succession.)

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