Grey Griffon

Co-owners: Angelica vale Turath, Devilina vale Turath, and Kara Nezradi

The Grey Griffon in the Canal District is part tavern, part inn, and part bathhouse.

The first floor is the persian-style tavern, it is spacious with a bar, two fireplaces, a kitchen and a stage for the entertainment, usually consisting of singers and dancers, sometimes some of the owners themselves. The tavern has three waitresses at all times who serve you as they sing. The setting is dark and relaxing with candles at the tables, satin pillows around the stage with raised tables from the floor, round and elongated tables in the middle and cushioned stools at the bar which is usually ran by one of the owners as well. A spiral staircase in the corner leads both to the upstairs inn and the basement bathhouse. The office and storerooms are hidden in the back by the kitchen behind the bar.

The upstairs inn contains two noble suites including kingsize bes with silk sheets, soft blankets, and feathered pillows on the bed, two large closets, a fireplace with rug, a dining table with two chairs, and a bookshelf and chest, six single suites including a fullsize bed with sheets, pillows, and a wool blanket, one big soft chair, two small closets, a small table, and a shelf and chest, four bunkbed rooms for small creatures including a bunkbed, two closets, a chair, and a table, and four single rooms for small creatures including a fullsize bed, one or two chairs, and an optional table.

The basement bath house is roman style indoor hotspring, with a public mixed bath where the owners can be seen on occation, and a private bath tending to each gender for those more private about their matters. The water is clean, scented, and constantly filtered. A locker room is off to the side for the guests to dry off and change. Statues and fountains line the bathes to add a soothing asthetics to the rooms.

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