Ezrin Bluemantle

Before the blue mantle, before the power of spells, and before the the stark white hair there was a family. Ezrin was once a simple merchant, the son of a trader and betrothed to the youngest daughter of his fathers best friend. He lived a simple life with little excitment. He married, he had a beautiful daughter, and he took up his father's business. But fate had other plans for him.

On the eve of his daughter's fifth birthday, a band of raiders swept through his peaceful little town. Ezrin was returning from a trade mission with a local tribe of lizardfolk to make her birthday. When he arrived, there was naught but ash and rubble. He found his little home on the edge of town destroyed and burning, and the bodies of his burned wife and daughter. He fled from the wreckage … never to return.

Wandering and starving, the doomed man was found by a sorcerer. This sorcerer saw in Ezrin the capacity for power, and took him under his wing, promising the man the power to return his loved ones. Eager and hopeful, the man delved into studies of arcane lore, guided but not taught by the sorcerer. Despite being taught second hand by a blood-mage, Ezrin grew rapidly in power, and eventually the sorcerer told him of his secret; necromancy. Realizing he had been fooled into following a practitioner of the darker arts, Ezrin tried to leave the sorcerer. His once-master would not have it, and attacked Ezrin with a powerful magical rod, catching Ezrin in a vortex of temporal energy.

For what seemed an eternity, Ezrin was alone in his own mind, his body aging to that of an old man while his mind was left to wallow in dispair. Despite the imprisonment, he was only caught up in the vortex for several moments, and in the end he fought back against the magics. Breaking free of the temporal prison, he lashed out at his former master instantly, killing the man with a lucky shot. Only then did he realize the damage the sorcerer had wrecked upon the once tough man; muscles withered, skin wrinkled, hair bleached, and senses dulled, but none of the wisdom of old age that comes with his form. He was a broken man.

Despite his debilitation, he sallyed forth, putting his misfortune behind him.

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