Ebon Floe and his wife. Kalla

The life of Ebon Floe is bleak and usual. A student of the arcane much like his elven brethren. Though he was always one to jump at the chance to indulge himself he lacked proper willpower for anything. His later life would pay for the misstep. From being gullible to mental preparations against spells.. he has never had the will to take on a mental assault be it friendly fun or harmful mischief.

Ebon began his practices in the arcane at an early age. With a small break for some martial combat but that didn't pan out well. He never could get the gist of defense. And he was clumsy with a sword. Always beaten back and never had a melee victory in his long life. Even the children beat him.

No, arcane studies is his strong point. Even though he himself would fall victim to half the spells in the world. He showed a great potential as an Evoker.

His father had him trained up in a well to do School of the Arcane magics. That teach almost everything he could possibly want to learn. But he specialized to point of rejecting other disciplines.

Though a potent weapon of mystical force he still could never react well enough when it came to his own protection. Reaction was slow most often.

When he tried to move up to the next level in his magical training he then was moved and funded by his parents to Attend Tarth Moorda. The Warmage Academy. He would learn tactical combat casting. And though the years he spent at the academy were long. he still never shook his gullibility or his lack of confidence when it came to defense. He instead learned retaliation. In almost any instance. were he hit from anything. he would retaliate fast and hard.

He would never graduate top of his class. But he would get honors for his viciousness in combat and never relenting the assault.

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