Druid Grove

The sounds of the city slowly fades away as the shade of the trees block out sun from the openness of the streets. The sound of the city was replaced by the soft songs of birds and the bubbling of the stream that kept the place green. Walking further in the bright colors of feathers and the darker colors of fur all but disappeared as you passed, though the feeling of being watched could always be felt. Following one of the more visible paths along the river the sound of laughter draws the attention just long enough to catch what you could swear was a young green skinned girl disappear beneath the waters. The river and path you are continue until it ends at a crystal clear pond, to deep to see the bottom, across it's surface is many different water plants from cat's tails to lily pads and a few buzzing insects. At the edge of the pond is a woman wrapped in vines and flowers, at least the parts that are not in a skirt and leather and see seems to be talking to a younger girl in the water, that odd green color you could have sworn you had seen earlier. At the sight of you the one in the water vanishes beneath the surface of the pond and the other turns in your direction. She spoke as she walked closer "Welcome to the Grove, you are welcome as long as you wish. Do not harm any that live within it's area of protection.Now my duties call me away should you need anything please feel free to ask." Turning she moved off and into the woods leaving you once more alone in the area. Looking around once more you find that you have come to the end of your path, the large glade you find yourself in has a very large and very old tree at its center. Off to the left is what looks to be a vegetable garden with many different things growing in it. Though the rest of the flowers and plants in the area seem to grow where ever they wish for the most part. Further inspection causes the eye to be drawn to large mounds of extra soft looking grass, large enough for a person to lay on and nap if they should wish as well as chairs and tables made of still living, flowering vines and placed perfectly in the shade near the pond. Handing from the trees are several fist sized globes, they are found on the outer edge of the glade and going down another path that at first glance had been missed. Following the new path you come to a fountain that splashed merrily over a living system of vines that seem to form the symbol of Odad'hi, several drinking spoons hang from the lip of the fountain and seem to invite the visitor to drink from it if they wish. Continuing along the path it ends at a large mound and a few lean-tos, under these are vine wrapped beds for those that wish to stay longer then the day.

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