Dall Of The Stag's Blade

Height 6'4''
Weight 210
Hair color Dirty blonde
Eye color Deep blue


Tall with a fair tan on his northern flesh, and blonde locks that fall down across his strong handsome face that was locked almost indefinately in a prideful grin. Blue eyes set firm with determination, and desire for something as they roaved. Shoulders broad, muscle standing taught as he stood a head taller then the average man at perhaps nineteen hands high and likely weighing around fifteen stones. The broad chest was framed neatly by two muscular arms. The physique is nicely packed in to several furs that are tied about with simple light rope around chest, arms, and legs. His stance spoke of noble bearing, an aura that never seemed to faulter when this large man walked along the steps of the city.


His life had begun like any of his tribes, with birth. And despite his mother being one of the noble warriors of his tribe as well as the second in line to become the next chieftess, he was still a male. Being a male in this tribe though was not something to be proud of. To be a male was to be considered at best to be breeding tools, at worst cattle to be traded around the tribe. Dall though had grown fast, and loved the stories of the female warriors who told their tales about the camp fires at night.

The life of a male in this tribe is still a semi free one. Each male normaly content with their lives as subserviants. But on occasion one wishes to become more then just a weaver, or fisherman of the tribe they can call on the Trial of the Dragon. This is a rather simple trial, where the one who wishes to gain the status of warrior must journy out, and claim the head of a dragon of some power. Dall, fantasized about becoming a warrior. And when he anounced his intent he was recounted the story of his own great great grandfather who had accomplished the same task.

With new knowledge and training that lasted less then a year, Dall would strike out to make his name. He had heard many rumors of a city that always seems to be a place that calls together people of power. It was a promissing lead to take.


The world view

Family and friends

Mother: Aisling of the Stag's Blade. Aka The grey hand.
Father: Miro Of the Stag's Blade

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