betelgeuse darkshadow

At last it can be told ….

Betelgeuse, or Betel to her friends, is a quiet and shy Aasimar who was left on the doorstep on a small village inn when she was a baby. No one knows why, or whom her parents were, even if they still exist. Her foster parents ran the inn and treated the fosterling as if she was their birth child, being unable to have children of their own.

The father is a follower of St Cuthbert of the Cudgel so, she was brought up in a strict, but fair, environment. However, being the only aasimar in a human village tends to make someone stand out so, she was teased a lot. As a consequence she didn't make many friends preferring her own company .. and the company of any book she could get hold of, being a rather curious person. As a child she sometimes 'glowed', usually when she was excited and happy, but as she got older, such occurances occurred less and less and her personality became more serious and muted.

She blossomed and matured into a long woman with long straw coloured hair and started helping out in the inn as a server .. until that fateful day.

She doesn't talk about it much but, one evening, a party of adventurers came through and started partying up in the inn. One of them, a large burly fighter type human, asked Batelgeuse to go and get some herbs from his saddlebags. Being the trusting sort, she went and did it, unbeknown that she was being followed. She found the herbs, and was about to leave when somone grabbed her, slammed her against the nearby wall, and started forcing himself upon her. He was a lot stronger than she was and there wasn't much she could do to defend herself. He had already stolen her first kiss .. and was about to steal a few other things when her father came out, carrying the cudgel that was kept behind the bar, When he saw what was going on, he became absolutely furious, and started beating the man savagely. He would have killed him too if the rest of the adventuring party, and the local sherrif, hadn't dragged him off. It took all of them to subdue him.

Beteiguese by now, had suffered extreme mental trauma. She had passed from sheer terror into a state where her mind seemed completely disconnected from events .. like all that was happening was happening to someone else. Everything was a blur .. and it was basic flight or fight. She fled .. to the perceived safety of her roommwhere she grabbed a knife and proceeded to hack off most of her hair. By the time someone managed to bash down the door .. as she had locked and barricaded it .. she was found with the knife in her hand, blade pointed towards her, and just staring mindlessly at it. Still, in a daze, she was taken to the local shrine of Pelor for healing.

The physical injuries were reasonably easy to deal with, however the mental ones took a lot longer. Initially she wouldn't allow any men near her, not even her own father, screaming and trying to hide if they even attempted to approach. This hurt her foster-father deeply but he wisely stayed away. He had been fined and paid the costs of healing her assalent but their initial charge of attempted murder had been thrown out by the sherrif who counter charged and suceeded in getting the culprit exiled from the area on pain of execution if he dared return.

At least a month of therapy passed before Betelgeuse could bear to face the world again, However this wasn't the same aasimar. She was more sullen than ever, and a lot more timid, having withdrawn mostly into herself. They tried sending her home once but, seeing some of the sights, especially the stables, nearly brought on a relapse. So, sadly, her parents had to let her go, passing her into the care of the temple. She also was still a bit scared of her foster-father.

There she may have stayed til the end of her days but for a fortuatous accident. A visiting wizard had carelessly left his low level spellbook lying around and she found it. She was still finding comfort in books .. although they had to be careful of some of the contents .. just in case .. so she looked through it. Most of the spells wouldn't work beause they required components but .. somehow .. she got a couple of simple cantrips to work, much to the surprise of her minder. Fortunately the wizard in question was a slighly absent-minded gnome and, once he found out what had happened, offered to train Betegeuse in magic. There was some doubts on whether or not this was going to be successful, but it may have been because he awas an old gnome, extremely patient, and shorter than she was, that allowed her to accept his presence.

Training was interesting. He lived as a hermit in a nearby swamp, which actually suited Betelgeuse fine. He managed to bring back her curiosity of nature and knowledge again and also helped her control her emotions, teaching her the discipline of logic and reason. She proved an apt student but, however, he was unable to bring back the woman in her. Instead Betelgeuse had concluded it was much safer if she looked like a boy and show no outward appearence of gender so, it was in that state, when she had learnt all that he could teach, that she finally came to Mythral Falls, with the instructions to enter the Tower, and further her education .. not only in the Art .. but also in Life.


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