Alice Mayborne

Birth and childhood

Alice was born in a city far to the west, only a select few outside her family knows the exact location. She was the only child of Rose and Greg Mayborne. When she was born, the mid wife, noticing the babies dark gray eyes, thought her to be dead. Once the fact of a live birth was noted, none wanted to be around her except her parents. Before Greg, her father was sent away to war on the eve of her fifth birthday, he adopted a small boy named who he named Xavian. Alice was never like other children, choosing to spend more time alone then with others, instead of playing she would read, she only went outside to do work.

As she grew, she took on more of an adventurous life, one filled with sword fights and blood shed. At the age of seventeen she joined with a local mercenary group but all was not well, on the morning of her first assignment she was raped by a fellow mercenary, after the man committed the act, Alice quickly killed him showing no guilt or remorse, shortly after that she started her work and began a life as a caravan guide.

Back ground story

Alice had a great paying career with the local Mercenary group. Before she set out for her first trip that would last weeks away from home, her father came home. He was a changed man forever due to the war. He was abusive and strict, he would beat the children. Due to his change, Alice became even more detached from others except one of her only friends, Rachelle, the war mage.

Thing went fine for the trip, the caravan came to no harm, and the goods were brought to where they needed to be. However on the way back, Alice feel into trouble. A beautiful wizard woman, who would later be known as Darga, found the traveling group and destroyed all but Rachelle and Alice. In an attempt to save her own life, Rachelle offered up Alice, and Darga accepted.

Darga wanted to make use of Alice, errands and assassinations were to be carried out by the woman, Alice refused, she would not be used by anyone no matter the reason. So that is when the torturing began. For three years Alice was tortured on a daily bases, she went threw much in her long three years as a prisoner, in the last week of her third year, she started to forget things, words would flow into each other, common sense just was not sense anymore, and she began to lose her mind, slowly. She has no memories about how she escaped or when, but when she did she was changed forever.

She was pronounced insane when she returned home, her father wanted no part of an insane woman, he believed her to be useless and beyond teaching, he sent his adopted son and Alice away. He told Xavian to return after bringing Alice to a new city, so she could be admitted into a hospital, instead she was brought to Mythril Falls.


Alice is now twenty one years of age, the life of torture now a year behind her. Still the effects show in everything she does. She is cold and distant, never trusting and angry. She has a shade possessing her body and slowly taking over her mind. Alice has a mind set that makes her believe everyone causes misery and that the word needs to be cleansed of all misery bringers. She hates everyone except for what friends seemed to be able to make it through her defenses. She given some recent events, seems to be becoming more destructive and angry. In her possession is a small journal and in it is a list, not of people to harm or kill, but of the only people worth keeping alive. She is emotionally retarded, not really knowing or accepting what love, warmth, or comfort is. She once did, to a point, but after being betrayed by one of the closest people to her, she has reverted to what she was before, a non feeling, walking shell of a person. When asked why she is like this, she says that she will be the one to bring retribution to the world, to the people of evil who need it, to the ones that are able to cause it.

Alice has also given herself a name of sorts, Saint Anger, the shadowed blade. She has also began work on a large tattoo that covers most of her slender body, lines, much like those of fey making, in deep black ink. The lines already cover her back, as well as some of her arms. She wears a pair of silver and black fey like wings, and all her clothing is black as well.

Living relatives

Greg mayborne - Alice's father, and in later child hood, abuser. He is a tough looking man.

Rose Mayborne - Alice's mother, played almost no part in her up bringing, she was glad when Alice decided to stay away from everyone.

Xavian Mayborne - Adopted brother, he brought her to the city, he currently shares a room with her at the moon shadow inn.

Place of business

The ebon viper located in low town is where Alice spends most of her time as the bar's owner and tender. She very often leaves for hours at a time, she gives no explanation as to why or to where. Sometimes she comes back looking very tired, or injured, other times when she returns her eyes are as black as pitch.

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