Aarica Cestilonus

Born into the Ancient and proud House Cestilonus to the parents of Borrestien Cestilonus the youngest son to Voquil. Aaricia is the only daughter as she has 7 older brothers, the youngest just a year older then her. Aaricia was raised and schooled at the estate of her parents, trained to ride, dance and even handle a weapon to defender herself.

When she she turned 6 her parents and brothers had been on a trip to visit a city near by for some political business for the house and another Noble house. After a night stay and visit Aaricia and her mother went to visit the sights of the city. As the two got turned around and lost a group of thugs appeared to rob the two nobles. Lady Larissa stood her ground to protect her daughter and when the leader of the thugs went to run her though he was stopped. As a older monk and a few of his students was on their way to their monetary when they stumbled upon the noble and her daughter.

Once the town's watch and Sir Borrestien with his guards found Lady Larissa and his young daughter Aaricia. Both women were little shaken but unharmed and where invited back to the monetary to share some tea with the head monk who helped save Aaricia and her mother. During their visit 2 of the sons "Korives & Leritus" agreed to join the monks in their teaches as the two sons were skilled at wrestling and their father gave them his blessing, but ill Aaricia wanted to stay too as she was very impressed with how the monks moved when they saved her life and the life of her mother, but she wasn't allowed as she was the two Cestilonus's only daughter so they was over protective of her.

As years went by Aaricia grew into a young woman of 13yrs who went about with her studies and training with a sword, but deep down she still wanted to learn to become a monk. Then one day the circus came to Mythril Falls and she was allowed to go with her lady in waiting and some of her other noble friends. As she enjoyed the show the performers put on and the wonderful animals, there was one act that showed more interest to her and it was some acrobatic monks. When the show was over and people left to head on home. That night Aaricia had ran away from home leaving a letter saying she will be fine and will return once she had gained what she has wanted almost all her life. No guards or the city watch was able to find her and most feared she was kidnapped by some one. The circus left MF and went onto the next town and unknown to any one Aaricia was along for the ride, which due to her luck she ended up at the town where her brothers trained at to be monks. She was able to gain the head monk's promise not to send word to her father, but she was to go through some tests to prove she was able in body and mind to go though the training to learn the fighting style and life as a monk. Weeks went by and each test was harder then the last, but she was able to endure the tests, which impressed the head monk as he knew she had the will to pass.

three years have passed and back at Mythril Falls no word or sighting of the missing daughter of Sir Borrestien and Lady Larissa. Till the day 2 monks came to the town and made their way to the House of the two nobles who have been grieving for their lost daughter. When a servant answered the front door when a knock came, he had alerted the whole house due to the sight that met him. When Aaricia's parents, brothers and some of the other family members came to the front doors and all gasped. The Lady Larissa had fainted from the sight of her daughter who was dressed as a monk and who grew to the age of 16yrs. Her father tended to his wife but her brothers had embraced their little sister. Later that night her father and mother yelled about her running away, they yelled with glee that she was safe and not hurt, Sir Borrestien yelled at his son who was the other monk who brought Aaricia back home. Her brother Korives was about 2 years older then his sister and is the 3rd son. He told how Aaricia became a great student and monk, but her training is finished so like she promised she would be back to the family.

Two more years have passed and all that has happen had seemed to be put behind every one as they had their dear Aaricia back. She went about her studies again and even started to learn the teaches of Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel from her grandfather and head of the whole Cestilonus family. She still go over her morning routines she learned back at the monestary to keep what she learned sharp.

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